Madison Butler (she/her)

Madison Butler is a speaker, consultant and people practitioner. She is passionate about decolonizing the public speaking space. She is committed to getting more Black speakers on stage, paid for their work and recognized for their talents.

Madison is committed to deconstructing the status quo and rebuilding corporate America, one organization and stage at a time. Her mission is to ensure that no one ever feels like these spaces were not made for them, and they can live, work, exist and thrive out loud.

Events + Tech

Reese Byrne (they/them)

Reese is a non-binary speaker and consultant who advocates for Black and LGBTQ visibility. They are also events & inclusion coordinator. Reese is passionate about helping others find their voice and understands the importance of amplifying Black voices. They are passionate about building community building and event creation

Planning Committee

Bryce J. Celotto, M.A.T


Crystal Ellington


Crystal Simmons


Shadé Ladipo


Suraju Jolaoso, Ed.D


Cheya Thousand


Shout Out

Shout Out to Chris Dancy who helped this project come to life with his immaculate tech skills and quick thinking.

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